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Why Using a Travel Advisor Is the Best Way to Plan a Vacation

The benefits of working with an Independent Vacation Planner in the Avoya Travel Network™ are endless...
3 minute read | Jun 10, 2021
This article is 3 years old. Some information may no longer be accurate or relevant.
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    Getting ready to plan a vacation is an exciting feeling. However, diving headfirst into researching flights, hotels, itineraries, and deals in addition to figuring out all the little details can be overwhelming, especially if you’re traveling somewhere new. That’s where a travel expert, or an Independent Vacation Planner in the Avoya Travel Network™, comes in.

    Are you considering using a travel advisor to help make the getaway of your dreams a reality? Here’s why we believe it’s the easiest and most beneficial way to plan a vacation…

    Peace of Mind

    The process of planning and embarking on an enjoyable vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. As travel enthusiasts themselves, a travel advisor’s objective is to help create an unforgettable, unique vacation that’s tailored to you.

    Hierve El Agua Oaxaca Rock Formations Oaxaca, Mexico

    Travel Advisors help you travel to amazing places like Oaxaca, Mexico.

    Unlike an online booking system, a travel advisor will be there every step of the way to help make sure your vacation goes smoothly, listen to your needs, answer questions you may have, and help get things back on track if something goes wrong.

    While having everything go as planned on a vacation is ideal, it’s not always the case – flights get cancelled, your transportation doesn’t show, your luggage gets lost, or more. If these types of problems do arise, you’ll have someone just a phone call away, in real-time, ready to help.

    Knowledgeable & Informative

    Working with a knowledgeable travel advisor can be extremely beneficial in more ways than one. From helping you choose the right destination to visit, to being a source of information for safety within destinations, to being able to provide recommendations from personal experience, and more.

    San Francisco, Ca Golden Gate Bridge

    They can help you find resort and hotel deals in destinations like San Francisco, California.

    Help Navigating the Pandemic

    Especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic where protocols are changing often, they can assist you with navigating the COVID-19 related restrictions of each country or state you’re planning to visit. Being prepared is a must when traveling, and your travel advisor will help keep you informed and updated!

    Help Finding the Exclusive Resort, Hotel and Flight Deals

    Locking in your dream vacation is nice, but knowing you got an amazing deal on it is even better! Travel advisors are pros at finding the lowest offers for you and they often have access to savings that aren’t available to the public or published online. Not only can they locate an incredible deal, they’re also excellent at finding the best accommodations, activities, and more that will fit within your budget.

    “Not only can a professional travel advisor help you lock in the best price and the best value, but they can help guide you through their extensive knowledge and expertise to the trip of a lifetime. If a problem does arise, you have a professional to help through the whole process.” – Chris Greene, Avoya Travel Facebook Live

    When you work with an Independent Vacation Planner in the Avoya Travel Network™, you also won’t be charged any hidden fees with our ‘No Avoya Fees’ promise.

    Padar Island in Indonesia

    Travel Advisors know hidden gem destinations like Padar Island in Indonesia.

    help Saving Time and money

    You could spend hours online searching for hotels, activities, etc, or you could just communicate what your dream vacation looks like to your travel advisor, and they can take care of the groundwork - saving you not only money, but tons of time too!

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    Ready to start discussing your vacation options with an expert? Call the number at the top of this page to be connected to an Independent Vacation Planner today!

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