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5 hidden gems we love onboard celebrity beyond
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5 Hidden Gems We Love Onboard Celebrity Beyond

Our team at Avoya Travel had the pleasure of experiencing Celebrity Beyond firsthand, and here are a few lesser-known amenities we enjoyed most.
4 min 30 sec read | Jan 6, 2023

Celebrity Beyond, one of Celebrity Cruises’ newest ships, has incredible accommodations and activities to indulge in, but there are a few incredible amenities guests are only made privy to once onboard.

From must-experience nightlife to admirable artistic touches throughout and more, guests will surely be awed by this dazzling vessel the more they get acquainted with it. Our team at Avoya Travel had the pleasure of experiencing Beyond firsthand, and here are five hidden gems we loved while onboard the ship.

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1. The Martini Bar’s Bartending Show

As guests explore Celebrity Beyond, they will find the stunning Martini Bar located in the center of the ship. A popular hangout spot for passengers, this luxurious bar offers delicious drinks, comfortable seating, and live music to enjoy throughout the day. But when the sun goes down, the real festivities begin!

As our team finished dinner near the Martini Bar one night, we were lured by the loud cheers of the crowd and stumbled upon a spectacular bartending show. Two of Beyond’s expert bartenders stood side by side performing in sync with one another. The excitement of the crowd built as the tricks got more and more complex with bottles and shakers flying through the air. Each bartender ended the show by pouring a drink into a balanced martini glass, one with it on his shoulder and the other with it on his forehead. It was truly a sight to see!

If you miss this amazing performance, don’t fret! Beyond’s wonderful bartenders perform a couple of times per night.

2. Silent Disco

One of our team’s favorite onboard activities was the Silent Disco. Also taking place in the Martini Bar, guests are offered headphones with three different music stations. Passengers can freely flip between stations, find their favorite songs, and dance the night away.

The color-coded stations let you know who is listening to the same song as you so you can jam out together. If moving and grooving isn’t really your thing, no worries, it is still quite an experience to take in the unique atmosphere of people dancing and singing in silence, as well as enjoy the ambiance of the fun-filled Martini Bar.

Our team was lucky enough to experience this phenomenon on two separate nights but be sure to check scheduled activities once you are onboard. If you have the opportunity, trust us, you do not want to miss the Silent Disco. 

3. Stunning Art Installations

When stepping onboard Celebrity Beyond, it’s clear that the ship’s décor was carefully selected as each room and restaurant has a distinct theme portrayed through stylish furniture, light fixtures, embossed wallpapers, and more.

However, they did not stop at simply adorning their ship with tasteful decorations. Celebrity also included an array of art installations throughout Beyond, making the ship feel like a curated gallery straight out of The Met.

From larger-than-life statues on the Resort Deck to immersive walkthrough exhibits and colorful characters in the hallways, cruisers are greeted with awe-inspiring sights at every turn. Celebrity spared no expense when curating pieces from artists around the globe in an array of interesting mediums. Our team had never experienced anything like it onboard a cruise ship.

Of all the art we got to enjoy onboard Beyond, our team’s favorite was Fredrikson Stallard’s “Odyssey”. This mixed-media installation transports guests into a tranquil infinite space adorned with bronze orbs and twinkling lights. Upon exiting this immersive experience, gold sculptures of nature motifs greet you, extending the exhibit. If you get the chance to sail onboard Beyond, we highly recommend you discover “Odyssey” for yourself!

4. Quick Bites & Smaller Eateries

Aside from the delectable main dining restaurants, Celebrity Beyond features an array of restaurants and cafes for more casual dining. But don’t be fooled – while these smaller eateries may be intended for quick bites throughout your day, they are just as delicious as their more formal counterparts.

Throughout our time onboard, the team indulged in a myriad of palatable small bites. To satisfy our sweet tooth, we enjoyed macarons, cakes, and pastries at Café al Bacio. Scoops, the ice cream parlor, cooled us down after our adventures in port with their assorted gelatos and soft serve. The Spa Café and Mast Grill provided us with unique and filling provisions to keep us fueled throughout our days. Regardless of where we dined, the food we enjoyed onboard Beyond was nothing short of phenomenal. 

5. Attentive Celebrity Staff

While Celebrity Beyond hosted incredible sights and features, what truly made our time on the vessel special was its outstanding staff. Every day, from their groggy stumble into breakfast to their final after-dinner drink, cruisers were greeted with warm smiles and kind words. No matter the time or place, Beyond’s staff took great care to make sure all guests felt welcomed and would regularly strike up conversations with cruisers.

Even with mundane tasks such as boarding after an exciting day in port, the Celebrity team went above and beyond by providing refreshments and cooling towels to cruisers. While our adventures in port were memorable, small gestures like this really set Beyond’s team apart from the rest.  

Book with Confidence

After experiencing Celebrity Beyond firsthand, our team at Avoya Travel truly believes that this ship is nothing less than extraordinary. From its largest and brightest features down to the hidden gems we uncovered, Celebrity Beyond creates an environment in which all guests will have a memorable and joyous experience.

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